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Screen overlay Detected

How To Fix Screen Overlay detected

How To Turn Off Screen Overlay Samsung j7,moto g3,s5,Lenovo,intex aqua

Screen Overlay Detected: – Are you facing screen overlay detected problem in Samsung j7, moto g3, Lenovo k5 note, note 4, HTC, oneplus one, Samsung note 4, Samsung s5, Lenovo, s8, k5 vibe, Lenovo, Gionee, Samsung galaxy note 4, Mi 4a or any other android marshmallow 6.0 devices, then this article help you to solve this annoying issue. The Error {to change the permission settings you first have to turn off the screen overlay from setting app} can be solved if you follow all the process given in this article.


What Is Screen Overlay Detected:- Screen overlay is a process by which any android application can be appear on the front of other application. The best example of the draw over other app is DU Screen Recorder Which can appear on top of any other app when you start DU Recorder App on your Android device.

On another hand according to many of people who are facing this problem Screen Overlay Detected is very bad and annoying problem that restricted people from using some feature of some applications like contact app, WhatsApp, facebook, youtube, google search Etc.

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Causes Of Screen Overlay Detected

There are many causes of facing this problem on your Android device. Many people facing this problem But, the problem remain the same for those who do not search for the reason of showing facing this problem and how to solve this.

Some of them send their mobile phone to the service centre or some other mobile repairing shops for resolving this problem, But this problem remains the same. In the end, they buy a new handset because of their helplessness. If you know the causes of this problem and their solution then you do not need to buy a new phone, you can use your older phone happily.

Following are some of the main screen overlay detected causes which allow this issue to hurt you:-

  • Screen Overlay Detected may be coming due to using the clean master android application on your android phone. For temporary solve this problem you can disable or do force stop this type of applications while you want to install a new app on your mobile or while you want to give permissions to any other applications.
  • Screen Overlay also comes due to the running of some power consumption applications on your Smartphone. For this also you can disable or do the force stop those highly Power Consuming Applications from your mobile setting.
  • One another common cause is using some security apps like 360 Security or other same application. You can uninstall this type of application to solve this problem.
  • Some of the Battery Saver Application also the cause of screen overlay detected the problem in your android marshmallow. Uninstall them to resolve them.
  • ES File Explorer is also the main cause of appearing this issue on top of your mobile screen.You can uninstall this app to solve this issu.These are some common facts behind screen overlay detected in moto g3, Samsung j7 or any other android marshmallow devices.

How To Turn Off Screen Overlay Detected:-

Now come to main part of our topic is Turn Off Screen Overlay Detected on Samsung j7, Moto g3 or Any other android devices. As I told you earlier there is many of ways to solve this annoying issue but I will show you the simple and best method to get rid off from screen overlay detected problem on your mobile phone.

1st method, I will show you the process to close this problem from your mobile’s setting. In 2nd I will show you the best working trick to solve this problem on any android device.


1st  Method To Fix Screen Overlay Detected Problem: – If you want to solve Screen Overlay Detected manually from your android mobile’s setting, Then this method will work for you to rid off from the overlay. But setting option can be changed according to your handset brand or modal, so you can only get the idea from this post and apply it according to your phone settings.


Steps To Solve Screen Overlay Detected Problem In Any Android Marshmallow:-

  • Go To Your Mobile Settings.
    settings option
  • Find Option Of Apps (app management, application, mobile app)
  • Click On That (Apps).
    Apps management option for screen overlay
  • Now Find Setting Icon On Top Right Side Of Your Mobile Screen.
  • Click On Setting Icon.
                                setting icon
  • Now Here You Need To Find “Draw Over Other Apps” Option.
    draw over other apps
  • Find Draw Over Other Apps and click on it.
  • Now To Need To Turn Off Screen Overlay Of All Apps Turn-By-Turn.

Off Screen Overlay from all apps

Off screen Overlay detected




Press Off The All Permit Drawing Over Other Apps Which are On.
Now after that open any application on your android mobile phone and check, you can see That Screen Overlay Detected has been gone from your device. If Your Problem Remain The Same After following 1st method, then try next method where I will show You one working trick to solve Screen Overlay detected Problem.


2nd Method To Fix Screen Overlay Detected Problem:-In this trick you need to use external app to get rid off from screen overlay detected problem. This method will work for all devices but you for that you need to read and follow all the steps carefully. I tested this trick on many of android devices like Samsung, Lenovo, Moto g, Onleplus one, Intex, Mi, and many more. After testing this trick on many android devices I found that It works properly on all android marshmallow.

To Turn Off Screen Overlay Detected On Samsung Or Any Other Devices follow The Given Steps:-

  • Download Install Button Unlocker Application from given link
    Install Button Unlocker
  • After that open Install Button Unlocker
  • Go to Settings –>Accessibility.
    fix screen overlay
  • Find Install Button Unlocker Option–>click on it.
    Install button unlocker
  • Now put It ON By Pressing on top right side of your mobile screen.
                                      Turn On install button unlocker
  • If any pop up comes then press                            
  • Now To See the ON status of Install Button Unlocker
    turn on install button unlocker
  • You almost done everything.


Go back to your home screen and open any of application you want to use or in which you facing the issue of Screen Overlay Detected.

Now If any pop up will come which want to allow permission then press on ALLOW If any ads will come then press Back one time

Allow Permission

Now one pop up will come from install button unlocker which ask you to remove ads by payment à click on Cancel

Now you can Allow All Permission Of Every Application.

Enjoy It…………….

Comment Your experience with screen overlay problem and how you feel now after your problem got solved ?

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