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Happy New Year Whatsapp Status Videos Download

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we know the year 2018 is ended and 2019 has come. People are immersed in the new year’s celebration. you know why is happy new is celebrated on 1st January.

all people celebrate the happy new year when new year start but some of the people know why is Happy new year celebrations. It is believed that happy new year start celebrates from 4000 years ago from a place name beholden.

on 1st January celebrate this festival related on the Gregorian calendar this roman calendar first start on 1 March but roman king Samrat Julius calendar different from it because Julius calender starts on 1st January.that’s the time now happy new year celebration on 1st January in all states and villages.

Happy new celebrate on the first January because Accreditation of Hindu religion 31st December is a too short day in the whole year next day of 31st December is 1st January. all long day start from that’s a day. this is also a reason why new year celebrates.do you know first new year celebration on 23 March 2000.

Hindhu religion: In Hindu religion, Happy new year celebrates on chatur month’s Shukla. In Hindu religion says that lord brahma make this full world on that’s day.since that Happy new year celebrate

muslim religion: according to Muslims religion happy new year celebration on Moharram months first date that’ day called higri in the Muslim religion

Happy new year celebrates in another -another country on another -another date. mostly happy new year celebration on March or April.

In Punjab, Happy new year celebrates by Punjabi as cruth(Baisakhi) on 13th April with full excitement. who believes in Sikh religion they celebrate the Happy new year on 13th April on (happy Holi) day as Takashi calendar.

In Jain or Christian religion happy new start after the salvation of swami Mahavir day.

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………………….how to celebrate happy new year………….

celebrate the Happy new year at home: celebrate the happy new year at home with friends and parents is too good. because we start our life first from home with parents and friends. why not celebrate this day with family. we also make a party at good place  or hotel to enjoy this day

Most important is on the Happy new year: the important thing is to spend the time with our family on Happy new year because we do not spend time with our family whole life that’s day surprise your family and go any tour or party also gift your family member for till Happiness